Temple and Farringdon Together Team offer themselves for re-election

The City of London’s electoral services team has now confirmed that all ten of the Temple and Farringdon Together team are validly nominated to seek re-election as Common Councillors for the Ward of Farringdon Without in this year’s elections which are due to take place on 23/24 March 2022.

The Together team which has represented the Ward since March 2017, provides a united and experienced group of councillors for the largest electoral district in the City, with over 3,600 electors. The team members:

George Abrahams CC, Deputy John AbsalomCaroline AddyGreg Lawrence CC, Deputy Edward Lord OBE, Paul Martinelli CCWendy Mead OBE CCRuby Sayed CC, Oliver Sells QC CC, and William Upton QC CC 

include residents, practising barristers, part time Judicial Officer Holders, business leaders, and local campaigners, who bring a multitude of skills and understanding to what is a highly complex organisation.

Campaign Manager, Edward Lord, said: “I am certain that in the Together team we have an outstanding set of individuals who are able to represent the wide variety of interests in this most diverse area of the City of London.”

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