T&FT welcomes City of London announcement of a new Combined Court just off Fleet Street

One of Temple and Farringdon Together‘s key election pledges was to press for new and better Court facilities in the Square Mile.

Today’s announcement has brought that ambition closer to reality.

The proposed new combined court will see a new, state-of-the-art, multi-purpose replacement court for the historic civil court, the Mayor’s and City of London County Court, and the City of London Magistrates’ Court.

Located in the Fleet Street area of the City, the court would create space for 18 courtrooms. The Court’s primary focus will be as a Crown Court hearing fraud, economic crime and cyber-crime cases, but it will also hear other criminal and civil cases, including the work of the City of the London Magistrates’ Court.

Temple and Farringdon Together’s Deputy Edward Lord, a member of the City’s Courts Sub-Committee and a Central London presiding magistrate said: “This is great news for the City and especially the legal practitioners in the Temple area, which will be right on the doorstep of this state of the art new facility.”

T&FT colleague and leading criminal silk, Oliver Sells QC CC, added: “Bringing major fraud cases to be heard in the heart of the Square Mile is the right thing to do. Chambers in the Temple and nearby have the expertise to deal with these complex and contentious matters.”


A huge thank you from the Temple and Farringdon Together team elected yesterday #CityVote2017


The results are out. Just before 11:00 pm last night, all ten of the Temple and Farringdon Together candidates were declared the victors In a hard fought City of London election in the Ward of Farringdon Without. With a turnout of 716, the highest in many years, the votes cast were:

Candidate Team Number of votes
George Christopher Abrahams Temple and Farringdon Together 403 (E)
John David Absalom Temple and Farringdon Together 400 (E)
Caroline Kordai Addy Temple and Farringdon Together 440 (E)
Nicholas Bennett  Farringdon Focus 149
Colin Buchanan Davidson Farringdon Focus 208
Alexander John Cameron Deane Farringdon Focus 167
Stuart James Gardner Independent 42
Francis John Patrick Hoar Farringdon Focus 164
Gregory Lawrence Temple and Farringdon Together 408 (E)
Andrew Philip Lomas Farringdon Focus 163
Charles Edward Lord Temple and Farringdon Together 404 (E)
Julian Henry Malins Farringdon Focus 209
Paul Nicholas Martinelli Temple and Farringdon Together 410 (E)
Wendy Mead Temple and Farringdon Together 425 (E)
Sophia Ellen Morrell Farringdon Focus 190
David James Nicholls Farringdon Focus 168
Adam Fox McCloud Richardson Farringdon Focus 147
Lewis Alistair Rodger Independent 50
Ruby Sayed Temple and Farringdon Together 427 (E)
Oliver Matthew Sells Temple and Farringdon Together 424 (E)
James William David Upton Temple and Farringdon Together 390 (E)
Mark Watson-Gandy  Farringdon Focus 144

T&FT’s campaign manager, Deputy Edward Lord said:

“We are so grateful to the electors in Farringdon Without for giving Temple and Farringdon Together such an overwhelming mandate for the next four years. We won’t let you down. We promised a progressive open approach to City governance and that is what we will deliver. Thank you to all our supporters and to the many people who came to help us on election day.”

Today is Election Day. In #FarringdonWithout, vote Temple & Farringdon Together #CityVote2017

Image result for free images ballot box

Please use your 10 votes to support the Temple and Farringdon Together team.

If you have received a postal ballot and haven’t yet returned it, please deliver it by hand to your nearest polling station before 20:00 today.

If you do not have a postal vote, you may vote in person today from 08:00 to 20:00. If you are inside Temple you need to cast your vote at Pegasus Bar, all other voters must cast their vote at St Andrew’s Court House, by Holborn Circus.

Ruby Sayed speaks for Temple and Farringdon Together at #CityVote2017 Wardmote


At yesterday’s Farringdon Without Wardmote, Ruby Sayed addressed the audience of electors on behalf of the Temple and Farringdon Together team, setting out our vision for the City and the Ward:

“What makes Temple & Farringdon Together different?

  • We have a huge respect for the traditions, history and global importance of the City
  • But we are also acutely aware of the importance of being accountable to voters and the wider community – particularly against the back drop pf current economic and political challenges – and of course BREXIT.

The TFT team of 10 candidates is made up of professionals, business owners and residents. Collectively we have lived and worked in the City for a long time and are all well established and have a deep understanding of the City and our Ward

We are a diverse and varied group from different backgrounds, all with a genuine interest and commitment to the City.

With many candidates standing for election in the same Ward making a differentiated and objective voting decision can sometimes be difficult.

By standing on a united platform of Temple and Farringdon Together, we hope you will know who we are and what we stand for when voting tomorrow.

So, who are we and what makes us worthy of your vote?

We are 6 current and established Councillors with a strong track record which speaks for itself; and standing for election for the first time are 4 well respected Temple Barristers.

Can I firstly introduce our current Councillors.

We have:

George Abrahams

John Absalom

Greg Lawrence

Paul Martinelli

who are all successful business owners in Smithfield Market and are highly respected by their colleagues and residents in the Smithfield area. They are committed and hardworking Councillors, not only representing the interests of Smithfield but the Ward as a whole.

For example, Paul, along with Wendy Mead and Edward Lord (our other current Councillors on the TFT team) lead the campaign to reverse the decision to close Tudor Street. They advocated fiercely alongside our new Alderman Gregory Jones and with the support of Oliver Sells QC.

George, John, Greg & Paul are all proactive on various committees and their dedication to the City is backed up by commercial experience and Not For Profit public service.

Wendy Mead – was prominent in saving Bart’s Hospital from closure.  She serves on and Chairs a number of committees and unsurprisingly has been elected to the senior role of Chief Commoner which commences in April.

Edward Lord, our last but not least, serving Councillor is a City resident and has been a strong advocate of ethics, equality and diversity and better governance and transparency in the City. He is a non-executive director for several companies and public bodies & magistrate.

Then there are 4 of us new comers to the elections, albeit not new to our Ward!

Can I introduce:

Oliver Sells QC – leading criminal practitioner at 5 Paper Buildings and Recorder at the Old Bailey. – very active member and Bencher of Inner Temple, who served on the Bar Council for 8 years

Caroline Addy – member of 1 Brick Court specialsing in media, defamation, privacy and harassment – is a friend of the Refugee Council, volunteer defence council for students of her Inn was also involved in the Commonwealth Press Union Legal Advice Scheme.

Will Upton – member of 6 Pump Court and specialises in planning, environmental and local government law. Will promotes sustainable development and better environmental quality. He has served on the UK Environmental Law Committee and serves on the committee of the Local Government and Environment Bar Assocation.

Ruby Sayed – member of 1 Pump Court specialising in Family and Children Law. Entrepreneur and run 2 small business in the hospitality sector and renewable energy infrastructure finance. Chair of Asian Women’s Resource Centre and Bury St Edmonds’ Women’s Refuge. I have campaigned for 20 years for the rights of Women and Children.

Between us, we bring a wealth of experience, individual strengths, skills and expertise, which we believe will serve our constituents and the City well.

Together we believe we can make a real difference in representing the diverse communities in the City.

  • We want all of our constituents to feel included and be included.
  • We will stand up for and champion fairness & transparency – equality & diversity.
  • We hope you will find us approachable, down to earth and easy to talk to.
  • We hope you will feel confident to come and talk to us about issues that affect you.

If elected, we promise to listen; and do what we can to help –  be a voice for you and represent you to the best of our abilities.

We will consult with you on important issues so that your views are properly and fairly represented.

You will have all received our booklet – this was prepared after consulting with both residents and workers in this area and identifying some of the main issues affecting us all.

These issue include:

  • Supporting and improving our working and living environment;
  • Addressing traffic, transport & congestion issues! – ensuring that the City is accessible to all, especially to people with mobility issues and other disabilities.
  • Fighting to keep business rates reasonable so that large and small businesses can thrive and co-exist.
  • Having Courts that are accessible and fit for purpose.
  • Promoting London’s 3 wholesale markets and ensuring that they are supported and sustained.

We want to have an improved recycling service for residents and businesses alike which are workable and economically viable.

We want to ensure and continue fighting for proper access to the Temple.

Traffic and congestion is a major issue. We will address this by pressing for greater controls and better planning of road works – and the introduction of consolidated deliveries to businesses in the City to ensure that white vans and HGVs do not block our streets.

We do not support all vehicles being banned from the Bank area, in particular taxis and blue badge holders. This is not a sensible solution because the area needs to be accessible and user friendly for all – by both private and our public transport system.

Air pollution is another big issue and Wendy Mead has already introduced a low emission neighbourhood – but more needs to be done. We will work with the Corporation and consult with you on what further action can and should be taken.

Businesses and resident suffer with poor broadband speed and limited WIFI infrastructure. We welcome the news that the Corporation has entered into new contracts to improve these but will push hard for this to be implemented in the City as soon as possible.

The City has historically always innovated and this has produced great wealth supported by a regulatory, financial and legal infrastructure which is the envy of the world. This wealth must continue to be generated and managed and used responsibly. So;

  • We will be calling for enhanced primary and urgent care facilities to be implemented at Bart’s Hospital.
  • We also support investment for those in need, from more housing, investment in education and improved social care for children, young people and adults.
  • The Prime Minister has prioritised tackling domestic violence and we will be re-enforcing the need for prevention and more protection for all victims of domestic abuse. We will press the City to fund emergency refuges and support services for victims of all genders and ages.


  • For hundreds of years the City of London has overcome challenges and upheaval. Recent international events and developments have created significant political and economic uncertainty
  • Temple and Farringdon Together intends to work with the Corporation to assist Government in ensuring that London remains THE dominant global economic platform.

I hope Temple and Farringdon Together can count on your support to enable us to deliver on our objectives and represent your best interests.”

Meet your election candidates today 12 noon St Andrew Holborn #CityVote2017 #FarringdonWithout


Ahead of tomorrow’s City of London election in the Ward of Farringdon Without, voters have the opportunity today to meet all twenty two candidates contesting the Ward’s ten council seats, including the Temple and Farringdon Together team.

The Wardmote, a formal gathering to which all of the Ward’s electors have been invited, takes place at 12 noon today, Wednesday 22 March, in the Church of St Andrew Holborn, on Holborn Circus. With traditional City ceremony, an Alderman will kick-off the election process and the candidates will be given the opportunity to speak and answer questions from registered voters.

The Temple and Farringdon Together team will be introduced by Ruby Sayed who will speak on behalf of all ten candidates. Questions will be fielded by the most relevant candidate, depending on the subject.

We hope as many electors as possible will attend this important occasion to meet and question their council candidates.

Temple and Farringdon Together make front page of @City_Matters as unity slate #CityVote2017


The Temple and Farringdon Together team have made the front page of the City of London’s local paper, City Matters with the news that our ten candidates have formally joined up to offer a diverse and experienced slate to electors in Farringdon Without.

The team has broken the mould in City elections by registering with the Electoral Commission to allow the candidates to be identified on the ballot paper as part of Temple and Farringdon Together.

T&FT’s election agent Edward Lord commented:

“We are proud to be giving the people of Farringdon Without the opportunity to vote for a united team of six established local councillors and four leading Temple barristers, offering huge and varied experience. By officially badging the slate as Temple and Farringdon Together we are hoping to make it easier for voters to know who we are and what we stand for.

Bringing together the Temple and Farringdon Together team in this way in no way diminishes our commitment to serving the City of London independently and to providing the very best representation for all constituents in Farringdon Without.”

Investing in those in need must remain a City priority say Temple and Farringdon Together

The City of London Corporation has a long and proud history of supporting the vulnerable as one of the earliest providers of council housing, social care for the elderly, and education for the young.

The Temple and Farringdon Together team support the Corporation’s modern-day investment in providing 3,700 new homes in London and in education through the City of London Academies, as well as pressing for continued improvement in social care for children and adults in need.

T&FT’s Caroline Addy said:

“One of the reasons I am proud to be standing for election to the City Corporation is its longstanding commitment to supporting disadvantaged people in London through housing and education. Our team is fully committed to the City using its public and private funds to support those in need.”

History and Future Plans

The City Corporation built its first tenaments in the 1870s, and now has over 2,800 social housing units on eleven housing estates in the City, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark, and Tower Hamlets. The Corporation plans to build around 700 new social homes on its existing estates and 3,000 affordable homes on its other land around Greater London.

The City’s earliest interest in education began in 1442 when John Carpenter, a former Town Clerk, bequeathed some land to the Corporation to pay for the maintenance and education of four poor boys. Over the subsequent centuries, the City supported the independent Christ’s Hospital and King Edward’s School Whitley as well as founding the City of London School, City of London School for Girls, and City of London Freemen’s School. In the maintained sector the City has one primary school, Sir John Cass in Aldgate, and since 2003 has been an Academy sponsor in inner London. The City’s Academy group when complete is expected to include three primary schools, seven secondary schools and a sixth form centre.

Temple and Farringdon call for a more connected City: roll-out improved Wi-Fi city wide now!

Wifi, Wireless Device, Wi Fi

Whilst we welcome the news that the City Corporation has entered into a new contract with a wireless infrastructure provider to upgrade the City’s mobile Wi-Fi capacity, it is being rolled-out too slowly and is starting in the east of the City in Bishopsgate.

Temple and Farringdon Together will push hard for the improved Wi-Fi to cover the whole City as soon as possible. T&FT’s William Upton said:

“In an increasingly mobile world, where people need to be in contact wherever they are, it is vital that the City of London has the very best Wi-Fi infrastructure and that should cover the whole of the Square Mile as soon as possible. This has to include the Ward of Farringdon Without where many members of the legal profession and others are often working away from their desks.”

Temple and Farringdon Together will also work with the Corporation and Openreach to swiftly enhance the City’s broadband speeds which are still woefully slow.

Postal voting has begun: vote for your Temple and Farringdon Together team #CityVote2017

Image result for free images ballot box

Postal votes in this month’s City of London elections have started arriving with electors and we encourage them to use all ten votes to support the united and diverse Temple and Farringdon Together team:

George Abrahams CC – Managing Director of George Abrahams Limited, Councillor since 2000

John Absalom CC – retired Chairman of Absalom & Tribe Limited, Councillor since 1994

Caroline Addy – Barrister specialising in media, defamation, privacy, and harassment at One Brick Court

Greg Lawrence CC – Managing Director of G Lawrence Wholesale Meat Co Ltd, Chairman of the Smithfield Market Tenants Association, Councillor since 1994

Edward Lord OBE CC – Non-Executive Director and Consultant, Councillor since 2001, Deputy Chairman of the Establishment Committee, Magistrate, City Resident

Paul Martinelli CC – Managing Director of P J Martinelli Limited, Councillor since 2013

Wendy Mead OBE CC – Chairman of the Save Bart’s Campaign, Councillor since 1997, Chairman of the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee, Chief Commoner Elect 2017-2018

Ruby Sayed – Barrister specialising in child and family law at One Pump Court, Entrepreneurial Investor, Chairperson of the Asian Women’s Resource Centre

Oliver Sells QC – Barrister specialising in complex crime at 5 Paper Buildings; Bencher of Inner Temple, Temple Resident, Crown Court Recorder

William Upton – Barrister specialising in planing, environmental, and local government law at 6 Pump Court, former chair of Planning Aid London

All of whom can be identified on the ballot paper by the description “Temple and Farringdon Together“.

The 864 postal voters in Farringdon Without have until Thursday 23rd March to get their ballot paper completed and returned to the Electoral Services Office at Guildhall. They can also be hand delivered to either polling station before polls close at 8:00 pm on March 23rd.

T&FT celebrates equality and diversity on International Women’s Day #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange

Temple and Farringdon Together are joining the worldwide call to be bold for change on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017, to help forge a better  – a more inclusive, gender equal world, where there is more justice for all.

T&FT’s Caroline Addy, Wendy Mead OBE, and Ruby Sayed all have strong records as champions for equality and diversity and in standing up for the rights of women in the workplace, at home, and in public life.

At a time when the place of women and other marginalised groups in society are under increasing threat from political change and economic uncertainty, Temple and Farringdon Together stands shoulder to shoulder with those calling for greater social justice and equality.

Family law barrister Ruby Sayed said:

“I have campaigned for women and children’s rights throughout my career and today, on International Women’s Day, I am proud to be standing for election as part of a team that believes in an open, inclusive, and tolerant society.

If elected, promoting greater fairness, opportunities, gender parity, and diversity in the City of London will be a top priority.”

T&FT colleague and diversity campaigner Edward Lord OBE added:

“We are so proud to have three fantastic women role models on the Temple and Farringdon Together team in this election. Caroline, Ruby, and Wendy are inspirational advocates for equality and electing them will show the world that we are bold for change in the City of London.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Some suggestions of things all people can do to #BeBoldForChange

  • query all-male speaking panels
  • pull people up on exclusive language
  • challenge stereotypes
  • call it out when women are excluded
  • monitor the gender pay gap
  • point out bias and highlight alternatives
  • call for diverse candidate shortlists
  • embrace inclusive leadership
  • redefine the status quo
  • decide to buy from companies that support women
  • choose to work for a progressive employer for women
  • support or back a woman-owned business
  • take a junior female colleague to a major meeting or event
  • build conducive, flexible work environments
  • appoint a woman to the board
  • mentor a woman and sponsor her goals
  • invite women into situations where they’re not already present or contributing
  • measure and report on gender parity gaps and keep gender on the agenda
  • create new opportunities for women