Together Priorities

In 2017, we set some clear priorities for our work representing this area. They remain as important today as they did five years ago:

  • maintain the unique nature of the Ward, especially the Temple and Smithfield Market, and protect access to those areas
  • promote London as the global hub for the common law and as a major centre for litigation and mediation
  • ensure that those who reside in our area can live peaceably and have access to the public services they need
  • upgrade the City’s broadband and mobile Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • reduce congestion, and improve public transport into and through the City
  • support the City’s ongoing contribution to culture, education, social and affordable housing, and charities in London and beyond
  • ensure that air in the City is safe to breathe and the streets are kept clean
  • keep the City of London safe and secure, by maintaining our own police force
  • continue the push for upgraded urgent care facilities at Bart’s Hospital, initially seeking an extension to the opening hours of the Minor Injuries Unit to 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week
  • ensure that the move of the Museum of London to Smithfield is achieved successfully, and with minimal disruption to residents and local businesses
  • advocate the best deal for the people living and working in our area in the post Brexit environment, including regaining access to the single market and movement of skilled workers
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