Today is Election Day. In #FarringdonWithout, vote Temple & Farringdon Together #CityVote2017

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Please use your 10 votes to support the Temple and Farringdon Together team.

If you have received a postal ballot and haven’t yet returned it, please deliver it by hand to your nearest polling station before 20:00 today.

If you do not have a postal vote, you may vote in person today from 08:00 to 20:00. If you are inside Temple you need to cast your vote at Pegasus Bar, all other voters must cast their vote at St Andrew’s Court House, by Holborn Circus.

Postal voting has begun: vote for your Temple and Farringdon Together team #CityVote2017

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Postal votes in this month’s City of London elections have started arriving with electors and we encourage them to use all ten votes to support the united and diverse Temple and Farringdon Together team:

George Abrahams CC – Managing Director of George Abrahams Limited, Councillor since 2000

John Absalom CC – retired Chairman of Absalom & Tribe Limited, Councillor since 1994

Caroline Addy – Barrister specialising in media, defamation, privacy, and harassment at One Brick Court

Greg Lawrence CC – Managing Director of G Lawrence Wholesale Meat Co Ltd, Chairman of the Smithfield Market Tenants Association, Councillor since 1994

Edward Lord OBE CC – Non-Executive Director and Consultant, Councillor since 2001, Deputy Chairman of the Establishment Committee, Magistrate, City Resident

Paul Martinelli CC – Managing Director of P J Martinelli Limited, Councillor since 2013

Wendy Mead OBE CC – Chairman of the Save Bart’s Campaign, Councillor since 1997, Chairman of the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee, Chief Commoner Elect 2017-2018

Ruby Sayed – Barrister specialising in child and family law at One Pump Court, Entrepreneurial Investor, Chairperson of the Asian Women’s Resource Centre

Oliver Sells QC – Barrister specialising in complex crime at 5 Paper Buildings; Bencher of Inner Temple, Temple Resident, Crown Court Recorder

William Upton – Barrister specialising in planing, environmental, and local government law at 6 Pump Court, former chair of Planning Aid London

All of whom can be identified on the ballot paper by the description “Temple and Farringdon Together“.

The 864 postal voters in Farringdon Without have until Thursday 23rd March to get their ballot paper completed and returned to the Electoral Services Office at Guildhall. They can also be hand delivered to either polling station before polls close at 8:00 pm on March 23rd.

T&FT celebrates equality and diversity on International Women’s Day #IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange

Temple and Farringdon Together are joining the worldwide call to be bold for change on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017, to help forge a better  – a more inclusive, gender equal world, where there is more justice for all.

T&FT’s Caroline Addy, Wendy Mead OBE, and Ruby Sayed all have strong records as champions for equality and diversity and in standing up for the rights of women in the workplace, at home, and in public life.

At a time when the place of women and other marginalised groups in society are under increasing threat from political change and economic uncertainty, Temple and Farringdon Together stands shoulder to shoulder with those calling for greater social justice and equality.

Family law barrister Ruby Sayed said:

“I have campaigned for women and children’s rights throughout my career and today, on International Women’s Day, I am proud to be standing for election as part of a team that believes in an open, inclusive, and tolerant society.

If elected, promoting greater fairness, opportunities, gender parity, and diversity in the City of London will be a top priority.”

T&FT colleague and diversity campaigner Edward Lord OBE added:

“We are so proud to have three fantastic women role models on the Temple and Farringdon Together team in this election. Caroline, Ruby, and Wendy are inspirational advocates for equality and electing them will show the world that we are bold for change in the City of London.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Some suggestions of things all people can do to #BeBoldForChange

  • query all-male speaking panels
  • pull people up on exclusive language
  • challenge stereotypes
  • call it out when women are excluded
  • monitor the gender pay gap
  • point out bias and highlight alternatives
  • call for diverse candidate shortlists
  • embrace inclusive leadership
  • redefine the status quo
  • decide to buy from companies that support women
  • choose to work for a progressive employer for women
  • support or back a woman-owned business
  • take a junior female colleague to a major meeting or event
  • build conducive, flexible work environments
  • appoint a woman to the board
  • mentor a woman and sponsor her goals
  • invite women into situations where they’re not already present or contributing
  • measure and report on gender parity gaps and keep gender on the agenda
  • create new opportunities for women


Access to the Temple remains a top priority says T&FT’s Oliver Sells QC


Last year’s plan by Transport for London to close Tudor Street brought home to many who live and work in the Temple the importance of closer liaison between the Inns and the City of London Corporation. It was only through the swift action of local City Councillors Edward Lord, Paul Martinelli, Wendy Mead and Gregory Jones that saw the decision to close Tudor Street reversed at April’s City Council meeting.

Since then, through the hard work of Edward, Paul, Wendy, and Greg, and the leadership of the City’s new planning chairman Chris Hayward, a new proposal was brought forward which keeps access and egress via Tudor Street and neighbouring roads and which has the support of both Inner Temple and Middle Temple and many local occupiers.

Looking forward, the Temple and Farringdon Together team are committed to ensuring access to the Temple is maintained and enhanced, including pressing for the re-opening of Temple Avenue onto the Embankment.

T&FT team member, Oliver Sells QC, a Temple resident and tenant at 5 Paper Buildings, said:

“It is crucial to the ongoing success of the Temple as the heart of the legal profession that barristers and their clients can get into and out of the area without hindrance. That is why Temple and Farringdon Together is determined to keep Tudor Street open and to review the closure of Temple Avenue’s junction with the Embankment.”

A message from Alderman Elect Greg Jones QC: I’m backing the Temple & Farringdon Together team



Dear Fellow Elector,

I am writing to thank you for electing me as Alderman for the Ward of Farringdon Without two weeks ago and for giving me such a clear mandate. For those who haven’t seen the full results yet, the votes cast were:

Dr Helen Carr                                                  26

Robert Hughes-Penney                                98

Gregory Jones                                                  443

In seeking election as Alderman, I was clear that I wanted to be a visible and active figure in the Ward leading our team of City Councillors representing you, our electors.

On March 23rd, you will be asked to vote again; this time to elect the ten Councillors who will be your voice on issues like planning, air quality, transport, congestion, and open spaces. I wanted therefore to introduce you to the ten Temple and Farringdon Together candidates that I hope you will support in that election. They are:

George, John, Greg, Edward, Paul, and Wendy are all current hardworking local councillors serving this area. Caroline, Ruby, Oliver, and Will are all barristers in chambers within the Temple, who have strong experience as advocates and campaigners.

This is the team that I trust will deliver for our area and I hope you will join me in voting for them.

With best wishes,



A note about procedure – the Alderman as Returning Officer

It is has been a tradition that the Alderman of the ward usually acts as returning officer for his or her ward in the common council elections.  Given the proximity of the two elections and my close involvement with my own supporters who are now candidates for common council I have already taken the very clear view that it would not be appropriate for me to serve as the returning officer for our ward.    Accordingly, my first act upon election was to write to the Town Clerk recusing myself from service as returning officer in this ward.  The office of the Town Clerk has accepted my position.  I will not act as returning officer for the ward of Farringdon Without on 23 March.