Temple and Farringdon Together make front page of @City_Matters as unity slate #CityVote2017


The Temple and Farringdon Together team have made the front page of the City of London’s local paper, City Matters with the news that our ten candidates have formally joined up to offer a diverse and experienced slate to electors in Farringdon Without.

The team has broken the mould in City elections by registering with the Electoral Commission to allow the candidates to be identified on the ballot paper as part of Temple and Farringdon Together.

T&FT’s election agent Edward Lord commented:

“We are proud to be giving the people of Farringdon Without the opportunity to vote for a united team of six established local councillors and four leading Temple barristers, offering huge and varied experience. By officially badging the slate as Temple and Farringdon Together we are hoping to make it easier for voters to know who we are and what we stand for.

Bringing together the Temple and Farringdon Together team in this way in no way diminishes our commitment to serving the City of London independently and to providing the very best representation for all constituents in Farringdon Without.”

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