Temple and Farringdon Together welcomes the @MuseumofLondon to Smithfield


The Temple and Farringdon Together team are committed to working with the Museum of London on their move to Smithfield to create a fantastic new urban space for all Londoners.

Led by its Director, Sharon Arment, the Museum team are in the process of developing the plans and costings for Farringdon’s new vibrant quarter linking the Crossrail station with the cultural hub at Barbican.

Stanton Williams and Asif Khan have been appointed to refine the brief during 2017 with a planned start on site in 2019 and an opening date sometime in 2022.

The project has already received £130 million backing from the City of London and a further £70 million from the GLA.  A further £70 million is being raised from the private sector.

With a target of 2 million visitors annually, the project is a long overdue response to this neglected area of the City’s greatest ward.

T&FT’s Paul Martinelli said

“We are delighted the Museum is coming to Smithfield. It will be a great addition to the local area, bringing much needed regeneration. We are committed to working with the Museum, Corporation, and their developers to make sure the process is as painless as possible for them and for local residents and businesses.”

Further details of the Museum’s plans can be found on its website.

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