Health and Clean Air campaigners back Temple & Farringdon Together’s Wendy Mead #CityVote2017


Temple and Farringdon Together’s Wendy Mead OBE has dedicated much of her life to campaigning for better local health services, especially at the City’s St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and to improving air quality.

As a City Councillor for Farringdon Without since 1997, Wendy has been able to put her beliefs into action, especially in her current roles as Chairman of the Port Health & Environmental Services and the Health Scrutiny Committees.

Londonwide campaigners have recognised her contribution, with the following endorsements:

“Wendy Mead has been a great inspiration to many campaigns to develop NHS services; most significantly to the Save Barts’ Hospital Campaign, which she has successfully led. In the past Wendy made an important contribution to the local Community Health Council that successfully raised the standards of NHS care, and  she continues to serve people in the City of London through her outstanding work as Chair of the Health Scrutiny Committee. Amongst Wendy’s special interest is the development of better urgent and emergency care and the defibrillator campaign, which aims to save the lives of people who suffer cardiac arrest. We greatly value Wendy’s contribution to the work of the Patients’ Forum.” Malcolm Alexander, Chair, Patients’ Forum for the London Ambulance Service


“Wendy has been a wonderful Clean Air Champion as Chair of the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee and before.  Under her leadership, the City of London Corporation has led the way, day in day out, in the fight against diesel fumes in the way it did so successfully against coal burning with the first Clean Air Act in 1954.  Everyone is now getting the message!  I encourage people to re-elect Wendy.” Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London

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