Temple and Farringdon Together Statement on Inner Temple’s Project Pegasus

Temple and Farringdon Together candidates have been asked individually and collectively to set out our position on Inner Temple’s proposed Project Pegasus. The project would see the Hall and Treasury Building extended to include new education and training facilities on additional floors created by adding a mansard roof to the Treasury Building and remodelling the Inn’s library. Further details are on the Inn’s website.

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple has applied to the City of London Corporation for planning permission for the project and that application will be considered by the Planning and Transportation Committee in due course. The Committee is made up of elected members of the Court of Common Council, including at least two representatives of the Ward of Farringdon Without, who will be selected after the elections on 23 March.

The City of London Corporation’s Planning Protocol which regulates how planning decisions are made states very clearly that:

“If a Member has compromised his position by expressing views that indicate that he has pre-determined the issue before hearing all the evidence and arguments, he should not vote.”

Members of the Temple and Farringdon Together team have their own individual private views both for and against aspects of Project Pegasus, and we collectively support Inner Temple’s ambitions to improve the Inn’s education and training facilities.

We will however not be taking a corporate view on the project so as not to risk any suggestion of pre-determination of this important application by those councillors ultimately selected to serve on the Planning and Transportation Committee.


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