Temple and Farringdon Together calls on City to set up new central London Women’s Refuge

The Temple and Farringdon Together team standing in the 2017 City Elections is calling on the City of London Corporation to use its resources to establish a new central London refuge for women and children facing domestic abuse.

Local authority budget cuts elsewhere in the capital have seen a number of refuges closing in recent years, meaning that the number of places where those suffering at the hands of abusive domestic partners has been cut dramatically.

Barristers Ruby Sayed and Caroline Addy have declared the establishment of a new City of London sponsored refuge as a key priority should they be elected in Farringdon Without on March 23rd.

Ruby, herself Chair of the Asian Women’s Resource Centre and a trustee of the Women’s Refuge in Bury St Edmunds, says:

“There is a real need which must be addressed, and the City of London has the resources to establish a new refuge, which would be in line with the Corporation’s commitment to supporting disadvantaged people in society, both directly and through the City Bridge Trust.”

If you support this policy, let us know using our contact form.

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